About Core Conveyancing

About Core Conveyancing

Bec Corless is the Director of Core Conveyancing and has been involved in the local community of Mount Evelyn for many years. Staring out as a coach in Auskick and then moving on to become the Junior Vice President for 8 years which included launching girls football. After that she became involved in the MEFNC with an active role which included the beginning of senior womens football in the Outer East.

Bec has lived in the Yarra Valley region for most of her life and is a member of the local Chamber of Commerce so this brings with it a wealth of knowledge in the local area. Bec enjoys spending time with her 3 boys and has been involved in their sports, schooling and recreational activities with great passion.

Bec chose to begin Core Conveyancing to ensure there was a high standard of conveyancing in the local area and has handpicked a team to help her achieve this.



  • Professionally trained & experienced management
  • Detailed member communication
  • Extensive onsite evaluation & inspection
  • Friendly and Personal staff

Fixed Fee Conveyancing

  • Fixed Fee Includes GST & Standard Searches
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Excellent Customer Service, where your experience matters



    • Your Experience matters to us
    • We are here to help you with every step of the conveyancing process
    • We take the Stress out of buying and selling property

Looking for Conveyancing Services in Yarra Valley?

For so many people, especially first home buyers, the process of buying a home can be one of the most stressful things they do. It is the first step to “leaving the nest” and taking on the responsibility of buying property cannot be done without the help of professionals. 

The process can be just as daunting for those who have done the process many times over with the money involved from years of saving to gain a property portfolio.

With the help of the team at Core Conveyancing, we can help take that stress away, leaving you to get on with your daily lives, as the team handles your transaction with minimal hassle.

The Core Conveyancing Team will work with you and their extensive knowledge in the industry to ensure you have all the help and guidance required to ensure you make informed decisions regarding your property transaction.

The Local Conveyancer Needs

Once you have made the decision to buy and/or sell property, whether it be large acreage farming or the smallest of townhouses, you will need to find your conveyancer and one you can trust. Choosing someone local to the area is important as they will have knowledge of the surrounding area. Thankfully with the years of experience at Core Conveyancing, we have completed transactions all over Victoria. From the bushy surrounds of the Yarra Valley to the rugged coastline, across to the goldfields and many farmlands throughout, we have done it all.

Our government regulations are constantly changing, and it is imperative that your conveyancer is kept abreast all of these changes. At Core Conveyancing the team is constantly kept up to date through the various methods available to the industry to ensure you are receiving up-to-date information no matter where or when you chose to buy or sell.

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